lao silk scarves & cotton scarves

The silk used in our scarves is raised in rural Lao villages, on mulberry leaves grown by the farmers. The villagers reel the silk from several cocoons at one time to create a continuous silk thread. Variables such as where on the cocoon the silk comes from and different twists as it is being reeled, give the silk different qualities. The silk is then hand dyed using colors extracted from sustainably harvested natural dyes in plants and animals. Hand dyeing is a difficult art and colors can vary slightly from one dye lot to the next depending on such variables as the time of year. Families often guarded their dye recipes.  

 These are produced by rural weavers far from the big markets, to develop products incorporating their particular weaving skills and traditions. In this way, women can earn much needed money and still stay in their communities with their families.

Natural dyes: Colours from nature  

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