Fair Trade silk scarves

Weaving and wearing silk is an expression of deeply-rooted cultural and social traditions in Cambodia and Lao. 

acoco stocks uniquely designed ethical and Fair Trade silk scarves from Cambodia and Lao. 

Weaving silk is often a parallel activity to farming that allows women to generate additional income. Cambodian silk has increased its good reputation into the world arena for its various hand weaving techniques and quality, for its unique and beautiful yellow silk yarn and for its concentration of fair and ethical businesses dealing with rural producers or marginalized women.

Our range of Lao silk scarves are all handwoven by traditional methods and the silk is hand dyed using colors extracted from sustainably harvested natural dyes in plants and animals.

Production and processing of handwoven silk require great skill and patience. The process begins with feeding silkworms mulberry leaves. It takes 24 days for a silkworm to mature from egg to cocoon. To extract the silk the cocoons are plunged into pots of boiling water to soften the silk. The work must be done within five to seven days after the cocoon is formed;  After being drawn, silk is spun into yarn and graded according to its fineness. The yarn is then boiled in a lye solution to remove the natural resin that adheres to the cocoon. Finally the yarn is dyed and woven. In the past–and even today in some remote rural communities–this entire process is often done by a single person.

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