lao silver

Fair trade jewellery from Lao

Unique jewellery from the same master craftsmen who produced jewellery for the Royal family. This is the first time these pieces are available in Australia.

The main motif used in these pieces was initially reserved for the Royal Court and is a stylized representation of the Dok Phikoun flower, indigenous to the region. Local monks have for centuries taught of the Dok Phikoun’s powers of good fortune and promotion of a long and happy life.

Necklaces, bracelets and chains also are of high-grade silver (96-98%), which follows the traditional grade used for centuries by the indigenous tribes and these master craftsmen.

The Laotian people have a long tradition of silver-working with jewellery designs showing influences from Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures.  The outstanding forms of expression in the art of jewellery were linked to religious, ceremonial rites and Royal Dynasties contributing to the glorification of the figures and deities worshiped by the people. For centuries, indigenous tribes have used silver as currency, dowry and a symbol of status. Even the modern Lao is motivated to keeping a certain amount of wealth in silver and gold.

To this day, there are some hill tribes trading with silver bars and balls in the more remote areas of the country.

With thanks to Saoban/Orijyn for this video.
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