clay beads

Fair trade jewellery from Cambodia
Beautiful colourful ceramic beads handmade in Cambodia. Each bead is hand rolled, glazed and kiln fired twice. No two beads will ever be exactly the same. Each bead giving something of the person who made it. The process from start to finish is a lengthy one. It begins with digging the clay from the local area near Siem Reap. The clay is then processed into a suitable medium able to withstand high temperatures. Once the clay is ready for working it is cut into different lengths and rolled into beads of various shapes and sizes. The beads are then dried, painted with colour and fired in a kiln. Next, they must be painted again, this time with a glaze and fired once more before being strung into necklaces and other jewellery. This social enterprise supports a small workforce of Cambodians … mostly women and they pride themselves in providing above award wages, good working conditions including housing, food, education, medical and dental and a happy work environment. 
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