The Artist

Sone Khounpasert is first and foremost a visual artist. Image is her world. She teaches art in the Lao National Institute of Arts and she is firmly integrated in the close-nit community of Lao Professional Artists. She regularly participates in art exhibitions and also helps organise art exhibitions at different venues.

Woodcut Prints

Sone carefully hand carves designs as a relief pattern onto a thin piece of timber. This means the areas to show 'white' are cut away with a knife, chisel, or sandpaper leaving the image to show in 'black'. She then applies ink to the face of the block and prints the image onto hand made "sa" paper. Sone and her husband make this traditional 'sa' paper from mulberry bark. Each woodcut is unique and has a limited number of times its can be printed, usually between 20-30 times. Each print is numbered and signed by Sone

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